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All Teen Innovators sessions leverage near peer mentoring, where high achieving older teens spend time with curious young teens.

Positive role models for middle school students struggling with anxiety and motivation through near peer mentorship. Our programs are designed to foster social emotional learning and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

"We believe that the opportunities provided by Teen Innovators greatly benefit the personal development and confidence of our students."
Village Leadership Academy"

Launching winter 2024

Innovation Field Trips

Example Field Trip

  • Students arrive at business by 10:00 am
  • Overview of business industry
  • Group Discussions about Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Interactive Leadership Games
  • Creative Thinking Group Exercise 
  • Lunch
  • Guest Speaker
  • Conclusion at 1:30-2:00 pm

Field trips to businesses including but not limited to:

Chicago Connectory

Sponsored by Bosch
The Chicago Connectory is a community of entrepreneurs, IoT startups, corporate innovators, and creative minds Their mission is driving IoT innovation for Chicago, the Midwest, and beyond.
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Microsoft Technology

Microsoft Technology Centers deliver immersive industry experiences and deep technical engagement. Students will learn to understand "the art of the possible" and make it real by creating solutions.
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Accenture Innovation

Students will get a first-hand look at the latest industry innovations and immerse themselves in Accenture's creative environment.
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