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Enhancing Teen Leadership Enrichment Programs

Teen Innovators knows that older high school age teens need a hands-on learning experience to be successful in our new digital world. Our peer mentors help write program curriculum, lead our clubs, contribute to our marketing and digital design.

Peer Mentor Certification Program

Building Tomorrow's Empathetic Leaders

Real World Learning for High School UpperClassman and College.

Curriculum Overview:

  • An 8 week virtual program for students age 17-23. 
  • Group meeting once per week followed by one hour of independent study
  • Mentor Certification that is recognized on your resume
  • Once older teens complete our mentorship certification program, they are eligible to become a Teen Innovators Mentor
  • Our Mentors add to their resume by having an opportunity to publish their own blog, post on our social media, and learn how to run a business.