What is Teen Innovators?

Teen Innovators is about connection, community and building confidence. We are a company by teens for teens that strives to offer a fun, interactive environment to teach leadership skills such as communication, networking, executive functioning, and creative thinking in a way where students do not need to do a lot of prep work and are inspired by older peers.

We provide a platform for ideas from teens to be heard, acknowledged, and validated. Our students gain self-esteem by figuring out how to plug into solving today’s challenges. We do this through flexible and fluid 30-minute mentoring sessions that leave middle school students feeling empowered and purposeful. We do this through Leadership Programs that are fun and useful.

One of the goals of the plan is for the student to develop a two-minute pitch of a problem/ solution.

  • desire to connect with and learn from successful older peers, OR

  • seek to increase future opportunities, OR

  • want to develop leadership skills that are critical to future success, OR 

  • aspire to help solve global or local community challenges, OR

  • need a helpful sounding board for their big ideas to take shape

  • We love to nurture innovative thinking and share our knowledge and leadership skills to create successful leaders of tomorrow.

  • want more homework

  • don’t like fluid, flexible, self-led schedules

  • are not willing to push themselves to become successful leaders of tomorrow

Our program is designed to help kids feel happy and expansive, not tied down. There is no homework required, and ideas are developed and honed in our mentor sessions and leadership classes.

Most Teen Innovator students are between the ages of 11-16; however, any child mature enough to engage in critical thinking with their peers is welcome to join.

Teen Innovators differs from a typical business program due to our extreme flexibility and big picture goals. We focus on your child’s enjoyment of the business ideation process and build their excitement to solve real-world problems with their creative thinking and big ideas.

All of our Mentors have been background checked and cleared to work with your teens in a safe and fun environment. Your child’s safety is our priority, and our platform is built on measures to protect them and their ideas. Please reference our terms and conditions here.

A peer mentor is a young adult between the age of 17 and 21 that has excelled in areas of leadership, academics, the arts, and/or sports. Peer mentors have strong communication skills, trained to foster success and accomplishment through your child’s big ideas. On the other hand, expert mentors are business professionals with real-world experience in a professional environment.

The first three sessions will be paired with a peer mentor. The student selects which peer mentor they would like to speak with by looking at our calendar and selecting a mentor who is available the time they want to have the 30 minute call. We encourage students to be open minded and talk to as many Peer Mentors as they can so that they can experience differing points of view and philosophies.

If your child misses an appointment, they can reschedule for a time that fits their schedule. Please note that the initially assigned peer mentor may not be available at that time.

TI Students will receive a follow-up email with feedback from their mentor call. They will also receive a survey asking if they want to meet with a different mentor.