We Believe in our Youth!

Teen Innovators is inspired by our youth. They are curious, inquisitive, and thoughtful. They have big ideas and just want a safe place to be heard, validated, and recognized.

We are passionate about inclusion. It is important to bring teens together from different backgrounds and different learning styles. That is how we build empathetic leaders of tomorrow.

Middle school is hard. We are passionate about building confidence, community and connection for our youth. Look at Kaelyn’s excitement below. She is fearless. She is a learner. She is a leader (picture taken at our Summer Tech Camp located at Chicago Connectory).

What inspires us even more is seeing older teen mentors building bonds with middle schoolers. Older teen mentors have recently walked the youths’ shoes, shared the same passions and fears. Their advice on how to self-advocate, how to set goals, how to make friends in High School is priceless.

That is why our team is so passionate about the near-peer mentoring programs at Teen Innovators. This fall we are enrolling 4-9th graders in our two after-school virtual clubs: High School Prep and Climate Change Club.

Building up today’s YOUTH is what inspires the team at Teen Innovators.